An Apple A Day (with a Pear)

I've been busy cooking away and eating all of it as well, hence the silence for a week now. Summer has begun and it's quite awful I must add. The fear of possible dehydration got to me this weekend and I've decided to whip up hydrating smoothies at least twice a week. This weekend was... Continue Reading →

The power of Going Green!

A simple smoothie can help you up your game first thing on a Monday morning. Saturday was quite an eventful day for us at home - it was time to hit the vegetable store and we found the leafiest of vegetables ready to be blended into the best of homemade smoothies. I made this Go... Continue Reading →

A Date With Oats

This is my first attempt at putting down a recipe in words. I've never done this before so do bear with me till I sharpen my recipe-writing skills 🙂 and I've always believed in brevity . In other words, I love the KISS theory. So here goes: A Date With Oats is a simple breakfast... Continue Reading →

Why I decided to go guilt-free

With this weekend, it’ll be a month since I turned vegan or should I say, started following a plant-based diet. The day I informed my family that I was going “vegan”, most of them were perplexed. “How would you get the energy to do anything at all? What if your bones start crumbling because of... Continue Reading →

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